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Some homeowners assume faults responsible for low water pressure in their houses until it reaches a point they can’t get water at all. Solving these problems in advance can help you avoid low water pressure inconveniences such as decreased flowing pressure in the faucets, toilet tanks, shower, and dishwasher.

Homeowners shouldn’t ignore low water pressure problems because they might be signs of other issues within the plumbing system. Getting a professional to schedule and implement a suitable plumbing service plan will help identify and stop the following causes of inadequate water pressure in homes.

Partially Closed Water Meter Valve

The water meter valve regulates the flow of water into your Waxahachie, TX, home. Often, your water supplier is responsible for any problems associated with your home’s water meter valve. If you recently had underground work done around your house, the water meter valve could have been interfered with, making it partially close. It results in low amounts of water flowing into your home, leaving your plumbing appliances and fixtures, including dishwashers, showers, toilets, and faucets, with low water pressure problems.

Look for a professional to conduct plumbing services to identify if this might be the reason you’re experiencing the inconvenience of low water pressure in your home. They will fix the situation by closing or opening the valve to the recommended range, ensuring the water flowing in your home is at the desired pressure. If the valve is defective, the technicians can ask you to contact your water supply company to change it.

Faulty Pressure Regulators

Some residential premises aren’t fitted with pressure regulators. However, if your home has one, it’s usually located at the front hose connection. Manufacturers set the regulator to the optimum pressure, usually between 45 and 60 PSI. When turning on your faucet and realize there is very high or low water pressure, your pressure regulator could be faulty.

At this moment, you should schedule an appointment with a certified technician to adjust the regulator. The plumber can also recommend a complete replacement of the water pressure regulator if it’s faulty. Attempting to replace or repair the regulator by yourself could result in a worse situation as you could set it to pressure levels that the pipes in your home cannot handle.

Clogged Pipes

Clogs don’t just build up in the drain but also inside the water pipes leading to your home and its fixtures. Even minor clogs can lead to reduced water pressure levels. Unfortunately, these clogs can occur anywhere within the plumbing system, including beneath the foundation.

This is why you should get regular plumbing services from a credible company to troubleshoot the exact spots where the clogs are. Additionally, the specialist should use special and safe cleaning chemicals to eliminate the clogs, taking precautions not to poison clean water and corrode pipes.

Corroded Pipes

Pipes get worn out just like any other product. For instance, galvanized steel pipes usually begin to rust after 20 years, while those made of copper may start to do so after 50 years. Brass pipes are functional for about 70 years. Chances your pipes will corrode increase as your home ages.

Additionally, if you add plumbing fixtures such as washing machines or extra bathrooms to your home without expanding the plumbing system, the chances of corrosion in your pipes also increase. It’s because the pipes are overworked to supply the new appliances increasing the rate of corrosion, which in turn lowers the water pressure in the faucets and other appliances.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to notice corrosion from the outside. Scheduling regular and timely plumbing service appointments to diagnose and fix this problem will help you avoid water pressure issues in the future.

The Main Home Water Valve Has Been Moved

Usually, your main water valve is protected by a box, but professionals conducting maintenance services around your home can move it for various reasons.

In turn, this could limit the supply of water to your home. Whenever you notice a decline in the water pressure level, you should seek plumbing services to identify if the water shutoff valve might be the cause. If it’s the cause, the plumber should open it to the recommended level and align it by making the lever valve parallel with the water pipe.

Leaking Pipes

Leaks in your plumbing system result in low water pressure because the water gets directed to the wrong places. The presence of wet spots or puddles of water in your home in Waxahachie, TX, could be an indication of a leaking pipe. You can liaise with a technician to create and implement a viable plumbing service plan that involves identifying and fixing the defective pipes that cause low water pressure in your home.

Water Supplier Issues

Sometimes low water pressure issues don’t arise from your home’s plumbing line. Your water supply company could be experiencing mechanical problems that could lead to low water pressure in your home.

In such cases, you may request plumbing services to help establish the root cause of low water pressure in your home. Additionally, the technicians offering plumbing help should notify you of changes in the regulations set by the municipal council regarding water pressure.

Shared Pipelines

No one wants to hear that they share a plumbing system with several houses in their neighborhood. Although this does not suggest that you’re paying their water bills whenever your neighbor turns on their washing machine, enters the shower, or flushes the toilet, the water pressure in your home declines. To avoid this inconvenience, you can seek plumbing attention from a reliable company to separate the pipes leading to different houses in the vicinity.

Additionally, low water pressure may occur when several appliances within the same house share a single plumbing system. Consider discussing with a company or technician who provides reliable plumbing services to design a plan for your home to the uniform flow of water from the primary water source.

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