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Most households need water to carry out their daily sanitary routine of bathing, showering, cleaning, washing, and flushing the toilets. People can do without other resources like electricity, but it is almost impossible to live without water. It is a valuable commodity for your health and sanitary needs. In 2015, the Energy Resource Center cited Texas as the second state that consumes a lot of water after California. Thanks to plumbing fixtures, water is readily available for use in your Midlothian, TX, homes through water lines that supply fresh water.

You might be taking the water for granted until you experience a plumbing issue that makes it a scarce resource in your house. The water lines seem to be durable and high quality to withstand the high pressure of water and other issues, but you cannot rule out potential damages.

Calling for water line repair services to figure out the problem is a wise decision to help restore the water supply to its peak. The technician can skillfully identify the problem, diagnose it, and rectify it, ensuring the water streaming to your home is sufficient and clean. Therefore, the following are some of the waterline issues that need water line services.

Frozen Pipes

One of the most frequent water line problems during winter in Midlothian, TX, is frozen pipes. Water pipes tend to freeze due to the expansion of frozen water in the pipes due to the cold and low temperatures, hence the need for water line repair services.

The water lines are affected because most plumbing pipes in Texas are on exterior walls or attics, making them susceptible to freeze and worse cracks. The frozen pipes will cause a clog, hindering the free flow of water to your home, thus making your life miserable by halting all the sanitary duties, including dishwashing, bathing, cleaning, and even cooking.

Getting professional water line repair services to identify the frozen pipes and thaw them is an appropriate step to take. The plumbing contractor will skillfully use heating equipment and tools, such as heat tapes, melting the frozen water, and thawing the pipes without creating more damage. While providing the water line services, the plumber might recommend setting your thermostat at higher levels during winter to avert the frozen pipe issues.

Burst Water Lines

Bursting water pipes is a frequent plumbing issue in most homes. Various reasons lead to bursting pipes,including freezing water. As earlier mentioned, freezing water leads to frozen pipes. As more water freezes at the same point in a water line, expansion and pressure intensify, making the pipes burst. You will need water line repair services that can avert the freezing pipe issue in your home professionally. Your water pipes might also burst due to tree root encroachment. If your water lines are close to trees, they are susceptible to encounter the root encroachment problem as the trees grow and the roots extend towards the buried water pipes. The penetrating roots will push the water pipes until they crack. If the problem is not identified on time by an expert providing water line services, the protruding roots will extend and cause a blockage in the water lines.

So, it is advisable not to plant trees close to your water pipes to avert root encroaching in them. Another cause of water pipe bursting is high water pressure. If the water pressure in your home exceeds the maximum static service pressure level of 60 psi (pounds per square inch), your pipes are susceptible to burst. Burst pipes due to high pressure can cause floods, leading to water damage and expensive repair. Corrosion of water pipes can also lead to bursting.

If the water lines installed in your home are made of steel, you should expect corrosion issues that will lead to leakages and bursting pipes. Bursting water lines is an emergency plumbing emergency that requires prompt water line repair services from trained and professional plumbers from a licensed and bonded company. It is a problem that might cause excessive water damage if you have no idea where your home’s main valve is to close as soon as you realize the outpour of water from pipes.

Low Water Pressure

Another frequent water line problem in homes is low water pressure. High water pressure is dangerous to water pipes, but low water pressure might be a nuisance to you and your family. It is downright irritating to wait for long hours to get enough water to wash utensils, cook, or bathe, forcing you to call for competent water line repair services.

One of the causes of low water pressure in homes might be mineral buildup in the water lines. The municipal water flowing to your water pipes has a high concentration of minerals that might accumulate in one place and clog your main water lines. A trained plumber offering water line repair services will skillfully unclog the pipes, restoring the optimal water pressure in your home.

Higher Water Bills

When you notice your water bills are skyrocketing, you should contact a reliable plumbing company to get an experienced plumbing contractor to repair the damaged water line. The plumber will inspect the water pipes and identify the problem, which might be a leak.

Leakages are prone to occur in any part of your water line due to corroded steel pipes, root intrusions, and cracks. Leakages account for more than 90 gallons of daily water wastage in households. An expert in water line repair services should promptly fix the leakage to stop water wastage and increasing water bills.

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It is without a doubt that water is an essential resource in your home. It enables you to keep your house clean and healthy at all times. Water is also a commodity that helps in cooking and for drinking, maintaining your life. Therefore, the water lines in your home should always be at peak performance to avert the possibility of interrupted water supply.

If you notice any water problems in your Midlothian, TX, home, including low water pressure, frozen pipes, and bursting pipes, do not hesitate to contact Bahama Plumbing for water line repair services. Its plumbers are experienced, skilled, and certified to address all your plumbing needs.

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