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Have you ever watched a scene from an old movie where the hapless hero tries to stop water coming out of a burst pipe in the ceiling and while catching it in all the pots and pans in the kitchen? It still makes us laugh aloud, that is until it happens to you and you need an emergency plumbing service immediately!

Dealing with any plumbing emergency is no laughing matter. A great deal of water damage can occur in a short period of time, ruining priceless possessions that have taken years to accumulate. You need to be able to get hold of a reputable plumbing company that can send somebody around quickly to sort the problem out and protect your home or business.

The people of Midlothian, TX look no further than Bahama Plumbing, we have technicians available 24/7 ready to return your call. We are always available no matter the time of day or whatever holiday might be occurring during your plumbing crisis.

An Unrivaled Plumbing Service

Whatever your plumbing problem, Bahama Plumbing will fix it for you. We offer many top-quality plumbing service options such as:

Emergency Plumbing Service

The most common call we receive is to fix burst pipes. But there are some steps you should take before you call us. The first step is to turn off the main water shutoff valve to stop the flow of water.

Then open all the taps in your home to drain all the water from the water lines. The sooner you can do this the better, as less water will continue to flow and reduce the damage that is happening. If you do not know where the valve is, then find out now.

After you have sorted turning off the water supply, you should now turn the mains electricity supply off, to avoid electrocution. Again, if you do not know where this is, find out immediately. If you suspect fire or smoke, call the fire department.

Many other plumbing emergencies can crop up but rest assured that Bahama Plumbing will have somebody on call ready to help you quickly and at reasonable prices.

Plumbing Maintenance

Nobody can predict if and when a plumbing disaster will strike but you can prepare for it by reducing the chance it will happen. Having your plumbing system checked during an annual or semi-annual maintenance, is a plumbing service we recommend to all our customers.

You will find that the price of plumbing maintenance is very reasonable compared to the cost of an emergency call-out and unexpected repair. The maintenance will pick up on any potential issues and allow you to have them remedied before they cause a great deal of damage or demand a large sum of money to fix.

Drain Cleaning

Another plumbing service we offer is drain cleaning. If you pour warm grease, food, and coffee grounds down your sink, you are going to eventually have a clog problem. These materials will stick to the insides of the drain line allowing a clog to grow.

At first, the clog slowly restricts the flow of water in the line, but if ignored it will completely block the utilities reliant on water to work properly including dishwashers and washing machines.

A problem with clogs is a bit like having a cavity. If you’re put off seeing the dentist the cavity will get deeper and cause more and more damage. Clogs are similar because they will be made worse in an area with hard water.

If you notice limescale deposits around the rim of your taps or covering the heating element of your taps, you certainly live in a hard water area. The minerals dissolve in the water and then are deposited as insoluble lumps of scale adding to the clogging problem.

A common method to remove clogs is to pour chemicals down the sink. But this approach does not work on long-established clogs and could even corrode older pipes and joints, leading to a leak or a serious burst. The safest way to remove clogs is to have one of Bahama’s Plumbing experts and professional drain cleaning services fix the problem.

Garbage Disposals

Another quality plumbing service we offer is the maintenance and installation of garbage disposals. Garbage disposal is a very common piece of equipment in kitchens. It reduces the amount of work needed to dispose of food waste. They reduce the number of clogs that form by ensuring that food waste goes in the compost and not down the sink.

Wear and tear will lower the efficiency of the unit, blades will dull and without regular maintenance, it will become noisier and produce unpleasant smells. Bahama Plumbing has extensive expertise in the maintenance of garbage disposals.

But if the day comes when you need to have it replaced, our team of technicians will ensure that the best unit is selected for your type of sink and that it is installed correctly.

Line Repairs and Installation

We have seen the problems caused by clogs in drain lines. In addition to all the bad things poured down a sink, people will flush almost anything down a toilet. All of this can lead to a blockage in the sewer line. Do not believe the marketing on wet wipes and other materials that lead you to believe these items can be flushed only human waste and toilet paper.

Without an outlet to the main sewage network, any wastewater will back up into your home. You now have a dangerous situation on your hands, with deadly germs and bacteria gurgling back into your sink and toilet.

To make matters worse your sewer line may have been damaged. A prompt investigation from a technician from Bahama Plumbing will locate and diagnose the extent of the blockage or damage and an immediate course of action will be offered to you to solve the problem. We provide transparent pricing and timelines

Water Line Damage

Another cause of frustration to homeowners is water line damage. The main water line often travels under your garden and if it leaks it can cause a great deal of damage to the topsoil and even the foundation of your home.

Water lines are often embedded in the concrete foundation and can cause substantial structural damage. If you notice cracks or damp patches in your concrete floor you should call us as soon as possible. If not, the destruction could be disastrous.

Sump Pumps

If you live in a low-lying area a sump pump will remove any water that collects in your basement. You should test it periodically by pouring a bucket of water into the pit to make sure that it automatically begins pumping. If it does not you need to call us before a major storm happens, and your basement gets flooded out.

Serving the People of Midlothian, TX

Whatever plumbing service you require, we at Bahama Plumbing are on hand to offer it. We have been lucky enough to serve the people of Midlothian, TX for many years, and will be happy to serve them for many more. Please do not hesitate if you need us, give us a call. Even if you’re struggling with resources we will try to find a way to help!

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