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If you think of the plumber as someone you dial with one hand while using the plunger with the other, we have good news for you: at Bahama Plumbing, we’re here to make life easier and less stressful for homeowners in Waxahachie, TX. That means we have ways to help you avoid plumbing crises, and if one does arise, you’ll know you can count on us. We’re family-owned and operated, with over 40 years of combined residential and commercial plumbing service. That means we can get right to work on any plumbing troubles because we’ve seen it all before. Or most of it, there’s always a surprise out there to challenge our professional skills. By the way, snakes in the toilet (reptiles) isn’t it, that’s kind of a Texas thing. Our skills also can save you money, because we diagnose and deal with plumbing problems from our extensive experience, and we know the best way to deal with the immediate issue and its long-term implications.

Fighting Back Those Drain Clogs with Whole House Drain Cleaning Service

If clogged drains and sink and toilet overflows are what people call plumbers about in the middle of the night, our drain cleaning service gives everybody involved a better chance to sleep. The clog or overflow is often the end result of a chain reaction of drain problems, sometimes even leading down to your sewer pipe and backing up from there. You may have slow spots gathering in greasy blobs anywhere along the way throughout your home’s wastewater plumbing.

How those blobs gather over time can be complicated, but clearing them out once a year is simple. Once you’ve had a whole house drain cleaning, any further trouble during the year is usually easy to reach, a clog of paper or a plastic T. Rex. When people have repeat drain service plumber calls, it’s often because they didn’t get the whole chain of clogs removed, and flow still isn’t what it could be. There’s an important exception, though, which usually reveals itself on the upper floor of your home, with toilets and sinks gurgling and the awful smell of sewer gas. That can seem like a regular clog, but it’s more likely to be a blockage in your plumbing vent on the roof.

Recurring Leaks Can Be a Big Plumbing Clue

If you’re having trouble with leaky pipes, damaging your walls, floors, ceilings and even your home’s electrical wiring, they may be warning signs of pipe corrosion or decay, depending on whether yours are metal or plastic. It can take decades to happen, but when it does it’s important to address it quickly before moisture damage sets in and mold, insects, even rodents move into the dark, moist spaces. Leaks can also be happening under the slab if your home is built with that type of plumbing, and leaks in the walls can be a sign to check under the foundation as well.

Fortunately, these days locating leaks is no longer a matter of cutting into walls and even concrete to visually find them, as our plumbers have technologies to detect leaks by ultrasound and determine where they are. Our video inspection cameras can locate leaks by running up the pipe and checking from the inside, too, and in some cases, thermal imaging is used to see where water is breaking free from the pipe. Our pipe repair and replacement are simpler, too.

Tank-Based Water Heater Leaks and Other Troubles

Left unmaintained, one day your water heater’s corroded tank will leak or burst, which is not good for items stored nearby. On rare occasions, pressure buildup in the tank can even lead to an explosion, which is hazardous as well as messy. The best protection against these is regular water heater maintenance and inspections by our plumber so that you know when your tank-based water heater is reaching the end of its life, and you’ve had the pressure relief valve checked so disasters are unlikely. Maintenance also includes having our plumber check and replace the anode rod, which helps slow corrosion in the tank by sacrificing its own metallic material, and it also helps prevent the growth of anaerobic bacteria that can produce a foul odor that comes from your hot water faucets and showerhead. A thorough check of your tank-based water heater by our expert plumber can locate any other developing issues and make sure the heating element or gas burner and thermostat are working correctly and adjusted to the right temperature, which is typically 120 degrees F.

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance and Installation

There are a bunch of reasons to have a tankless water heater in your home, one of the biggest being that you have enough family members that someone always gets a cold shower. Tankless just keeps on making hot water as long as you want it to, and it starts up instantly as well. Tankless systems also give back a lot of space that the water heater tank used to take up, since they aren’t very large, and since they’re not heating a whole tank full of water all the time, they typically save a lot of energy. Maintenance is fairly simple, and repairs are less common than with tank-based units. It is important to have our plumber maintain your tankless water heater, especially cleaning the vents and removing sediment from minerals in the water. Modern tankless water heaters are even designed to be easier to swap in, with connections similar to tank-based units. There’s some upfront cost for the unit, but often nearly double the lifespan of a tank-based unit.

Your Waxahachie, TX Expert Plumbers

At Bahama Plumbing in Waxahachie, TX, we’re here to make your life simpler with plumbing skills and experience that make it easier to prevent plumbing trouble. Let us help you relax and worry less about your home’s plumbing, and enjoy life more! Give us a call and we’ll show you how.

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