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Sewer systems are important components of plumbing systems in homes because they transport wastewater out of the buildings to treatment facilities. They make homes habitable and safe for homeowners and their pets. However, sewer systems also experience problems like other plumbing fixtures and fittings.

Homeowners should seek the services of a plumber from a reliable company when they notice any sign of sewer problems, however slight the issue may be. Unaddressed sewer issues can give rise to advanced problems, including sewer backups that can, in turn, become hazardous, leading to flooding.

By reading on, homeowners can gain skills in identifying hidden sewer leaks and contact a professional to fix the mess to prevent inconveniences and expensive repairs.

Unexpected Odors

If you can smell sewer gas in or around your home in Waxahachie, TX, this is a tell-tale symptom that you may be having a sewer leak. The foul odor is easily detectible and can be a big nuisance and dangerous in your house. Sewer gases entail toxic and non-toxic gases, including ammonia and Hydrogen Sulfide, which may cause health issues such as eye irritations, headache, drowsiness, and unconsciousness.

Also, odors can originate from gas leaks inside homes that use natural gas. It would be best if you look for a qualified plumber in the area to identify the exact source of the leak causing the stinking smell in your home. The plumbing company can use special equipment, such as leak detectors, to trace and fix the problem.

Old-Looking Drain Pipes

Old-looking pipes are among the many indicators that homeowners can use to when having leakage problems within their sewer systems. You can carry out a visual inspection of pipes hidden under bathroom and kitchen sinks. Plumbers recommend homeowners to conduct checkups twice annually, and the best time to assess the pipes is immediately when the summer and winter seasons kick off.

Hidden plumbing leaks can sometimes occur alongside frozen pipe issues. Leaking joints, discolored pipes, and condensation could indicate your sewer pipes are leaking, and the issue will need to be fixed by a proficient plumber.

Discolored Walls with Peeling Paint

Sewer pipes inside walls may leak wastewater for months before getting noticed. It’s because the small drops of wastewater seep through the walls over time. As the perforations on the pipes enlarge, they increase the amount of water sneaking out. It, in turn, increases the amount of water seeping into the walls. You’ll then see paint bubbles on the walls or particles of peeled paint on the floor of your home.

The water can also stain the walls, making your home look ugly. At this stage, you’ll need to look for your interior designer to do a house makeover by repainting your home. However, repainting your home is not an effective measure to stop the problem. You should look for a skilled plumbing professional in Waxahachie, TX, to offer leak detection and sealing services for the hidden pipes to prevent the problem completely.

Wet Floors

Damp spots on your living room carpet could be a red flag of hidden leakage issues from drain pipes located in your home’s foundation. Leak identification could consume more time for such leaks if you get a plumber that doesn’t use special tools and technologies, such as leak detectors, to fix the leakage.

To save on money and time, ensure you get a plumber from a reliable company with top-of-the-line plumbing technologies and equipment. The slab leaks can damage the whole floor if you don’t engage a professional to solve the problem in time. It will further prompt you to seek floor damage restoration services.

Water Pooling in the Yard

Under normal circumstances, water pooling in yards shows up after heavy downpours. However, when you notice pools of water during the hot summers with no signs of rainfall in the area, it may imply the underground sewer or clean water pipes are leaking silently. The first step to take once you notice water pooling in your yard is to look for a plumber.

The plumbing professional should be well-equipped to trace the exact leaking locations in the pipes and fix them before things get out of hand. Delays in fixing the mess could cause slip-and-fall injuries and health hazards to homeowners. It can also increase the water bill if clean water pipes are the culprits. Extra expenses could also chip in for the renovation of yard lawns affected by the stagnant sewer water.

Overgrown grass on some sections of your lawn could be another indicator the sewer pipes below are leaking. Additionally, abnormal growth of vegetables or flowers in your garden should be enough to warn you of leakage problems on the underground drain pipes.

The sewer matter acts as a fertilizer, making the plants in the affected areas overgrow. It’s high time you get a plumbing technician to look at your sewer lines if you recently noticed overgrown lush while jogging in your yard.

Slow Drains

Slow drainage indicates hidden issues inside drain pipes. The problem often arises when homeowners release waste products into the drains. Plumbing professionals usually advise homeowners not to flush non-biodegradable items, including cooking oil, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, diapers, and dental floss, into the drain pipes.

When these objects find their way into the drains, they accumulate and block the pipes, preventing the wastewater from moving down to the sewer tank. The resulting pressure can make pipe joints snap, triggering excessive leaks.

It would help if you got a plumbing company to fix clogging and leakage problems after noticing slow drains in your kitchen sinks, toilets, or bathtubs, to prevent sewer backups.

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Other services we provide include fixing leaking toilets, faucets, and bathtubs. Don’t hesitate to call us today for all your sewer issues.

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