The savvy homeowners in Waxahachie, TX, are constantly looking for various plumbing technology solutions that can help them live with assurance. Today, water damage insurance is among the largest in the United States, ranking second. Hence, the smear water technologies can aid homeowners in averting these inconveniences and other expensive repair costs.

Adopting modern plumbing technologies can help resolve accidental water leaks and misuse, among other problems. In addition, some of these plumbing technologies can give a homeowner peace of mind, meaning that they won’t have to worry about pipe bursts when they are on vacation.

Are you looking to learn more about a new plumbing technology to install at your home? Then you’re at the right place. In this post, you’ll learn and get insights into the modern plumbing technologies you can install at your home to enhance comfort and convenience. So, read on to learn more about some of the 2022 plumbing technologies and trends that a professional plumber can help you install in your residential or commercial space.

Smart Toilet

To enhance a homeowner’s toilet experience, professional plumbers are now installing and offering smart toilets. Smart toilets are very popular among homeowners because of their many unique features. The toilets are efficient, water-conserving, increase the value of your home, and are convenient and comfortable to use.

Some people are more interested in these toilets’ emergency flushing systems. This system is critical during or in the event of a power outage. These toilets are also a go-to solution for homeowners that want to reduce their carbon footprint due to their water-saving features. The smart toilets offer many features, including nightlight, heated seating, air drier, automatic flushing, foot warmer, self-cleaning solutions, and self-deodorizer. Other features include remote control, overflow protection, mp3 & Bluetooth capabilities, massaging bidet wash, slow-closing lid, and inbuilt sensors which alert whenever there is a tank leak.

However, you should note that all smart toilets don’t have the features discussed above. Every smart toilet has its features and specifications, meaning that you must choose one that fits your requirements. In such a case, consulting a plumber can be important in choosing the right unit based on its WaterSense certification and rating.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters have very many benefits, including space-saving and energy efficiency. Hence, they are one of the most sought-after plumbing appliances all over the united states. They also are available in various sizes and different features. According to research published by the American Supply Association, it was noted that many homes upgraded the water heaters installed in their homes to tankless ones. The study further projected an annual growth rate of about 5.7% between 2020 and 2027.

To begin with, unlike the conventional water heaters, tankless water heaters do not feature a tank. Instead, they heat the water as it flows through the pipes from the supply into the hot water faucets and showerheads. Hence, you get a constant flow of heated water in your Waxahachie, TX home. It should be noted that most of the water heater problems stem from the tank, and eliminating it means that you avoid the issues altogether.

After a busy long day at work, most homeowners want to have an enjoyable long shower without running off the hot water. This is what a tankless water heater ensures. According to the Department of Energy, a tankless water heater is about 8-14% energy efficient. Therefore, they are the perfect plumbing technology to install in residential or commercial spaces where a lot of hot water is used.

The energy efficiency and on-demand hot water supply at your home mean that these water heaters are both wallet- and environmentally friendly. They also have a low carbon footprint. Are you planning to replace your old conventional water heater? Then enlist the help of a professional plumber to help you shop for one. They will also offer their water heater installation services to ensure that your home doesn’t lack heated water.

Greywater Systems

If you are conscious about reducing water consumption, you must have thought about having a greywater system. This is a plumbing technology that helps in reusing the water that is already used. For example, a greywater system helps divert the water used for dishwashing to a recycling system or an irrigation system. However, it is worth noting that the system doesn’t reuse toilet wastewater.

Hence, having a plumbing professional install these systems in your residential or commercial space helps you reduce the monthly water use and protect the environment. Because of the nutrition present in the greywater, it is useful when used for irrigation. Hence, consult your plumber on an appropriate greywater system for your home that fits your needs.

Leak Detectors

The other popular plumbing technology offered by plumbing companies to most homeowners in Waxahachie, TX, is installing leakage detection systems. Leakage detectors are among the smart solutions placed in those weak places where leaks are most likely to occur. It helps you prevent unnecessary wastage of water because they alert you whenever they detect a leak.

Plumbers advise that homeowners invest and install leakage detection systems in their homes to avert any damage from flooding. The pipes might leak or break because of clogging or high water pressure. Since some are buried deep behind the walls or undergrounds, noticing the signs of leakages might be difficult, and when you notice them, it is sometimes too late. However, installing a leak detector can help you avert the significant damage to your home.

Touchless Faucets

The other plumbing technology that you should consider having a plumber install at your home is a touchless faucet(s). The sensor-activated faucets are triggered by movement, voice, or a wave, so you don’t need to touch them. They are great at ensuring hygiene and preventing the transmission of germs that can cause disease outbreaks at your home.

Though common in public spaces, touchless faucets are available today in your home, especially in the kitchen or bathroom. Since they are motion sensor activated, they sparingly use water, meaning that you will pay less in water utility bills. Additionally, they are less prone to damage and easier to use than standard faucets.

Reliable Plumbers In Waxahachie

If you consider upgrading to more savvy and modern plumbing technologies, you can choose from either of the above. However, consult a reliable plumber like Bahama Plumbing before purchasing and definitely for installation services. Call us today for professional plumbing services and technologically advanced plumbing appliance installation, repair, and maintenance.

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