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One thing a homeowner needs to know is the location of their main water valve. It’s important because the valve stops the flow of water from the source to the entire house in the event of a leak. While you wait for a plumber in Waxahachie, TX to arrive, turning off the valve prevents further water damage in your home.

Below are effective tips to help you prevent costly water damage:

Monitor Your Water Bill

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know and locate water leaks in your home. This is because some of them may be behind the walls or in the ceiling. Only a licensed plumber can assist you in finding “invisible leaks.”

But there is a way to find out whether there are leaks in your homes. Apart from checking for signs of moisture or water spots in the walls, you can also monitor your water bill. If they are suddenly high, there definitely is something wrong with your plumbing. The culprit could really be a water leak.

To stop the damage, call a plumbing service right away. A licensed plumber can effectively identify and resolve the leak on time.

Installing Water Detection Systems

One of the best ways to prevent water damage is by installing a leak detection device. They can help you detect leaks and alert you immediately so you can call a plumbing professional.

Speak with a plumbing service about your options; there are advanced leak detection systems that have helpful features. Some of them can even monitor temperature fluctuations inside your pipes.

Place them near your sump pump and water devices, and always hire a licensed plumber during installation.

Check the Water Pressure

It’s not good to have very high or very low water pressure in your home. If the water pressure is too high, your hoses and pipes may be under pressure, and it could lead to leaks.

To help you check the water pressure, get a gauge at your local shop and then attach it to your outside faucet. The reading lets you know the water pressure in your home.

If you don’t know how to do this, always contact a plumber in Waxahachie for assistance.

Periodically Check for Leaks for a thorough inspection of their system. However, they need to also check their homes for visible leaks and fix them immediately to prevent further damage.

Remember: never ignore a plumbing problem, no matter how small or minor they are. They can lead to a costly plumbing repair in the future if you don’t take care of them promptly.

For repairs, work only with a professional to ensure it’s done properly.

How to check for leaks:

  1. Watch out for lingering smells and odors in your kitchen, toilet and bath. The smell of sewer is also a warning sign that there might be a plumbing leak in your system.
  2. Apart from checking the water bill, ensure that you also monitor your water meter. Before doing this, you need to turn off your main water supply and make sure no one uses the faucet or the shower. If the meter constantly runs, there is a possible water leak. You need to contact a plumber immediately.
  3. Don’t miss checking under the sink as they are the most common leak locations. You can save hundreds of gallons of water by catching a slow drip. Contact a plumbing professional immediately so they can help you alleviate the issue.
  4. Another way to know if there is a leak is to listen closely to water drips. Don’t forget to check for water marks in the walls or the ceilings as well.

Fixing Water Damage

There are a few things you can do to fix the water damage in your home. If it’s just a minor leak, you may be able to do it yourself. For heavy damage, we would recommend that you seek help from a professional in Waxahachie, TX. Speak with a plumber to know your options.

Removing Drywall

If the water damages your carpet or the walls, it’s best to remove and completely replace them. You can do this yourself so long as there is no extensive damage to it. Otherwise, you will need to call a professional for assistance.

Inspect Your Roof and Disinfect the Area

When your roof isn’t properly sealed, it may cost you more to repair them. If there is a coming storm, make sure that you hire a professional to inspect your roof for weak spots and fix them immediately.

It’s also important to disinfect the area to ensure that you got rid of any bacteria or mold. You may need the help of a professional for this, especially when there is extensive damage.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Don’t forget to call your insurance company as they may cover some of the costs. This depends on the type of insurance you signed up for. However, keep in mind that insurance companies don’t cover water damages if the homeowner fails to perform regular maintenance or hire licensed professionals. It’s likely for you to get coverage when you maintain your plumbing and if you get to hire licensed professionals to do repairs. Don’t forget to keep all appointments for documentation purposes. Your insurance company may ask for this.

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