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Frozen water pipes are a frequent problem faced by homeowners in Waxahachie, TX. During winter, pipes that lack insulation against cold temperatures, and those along exterior walls and attics or basements, are more susceptible to freezing.

Frozen water in pipes tends to expand, causing high pressure on the plastic and metal pipes in your home, making the pipes crack or burst. The cracked or broken water lines are bound to lead to problems that will require the immediate attention of a plumbing service provider in Texas. The following are some of the effects of frozen water pipes in residential buildings.

Bursting Pipes

The first effect of frozen water pipes that most households in Waxahachie, TX, experience is burst pipes. Freezing water pipes tend to crack or burst open because of the accumulated pressure they get as more and more water freezes in a particular area of the pipe.

Even though pipes made of plastic, metal, steel, PEX, and PVC are prone to freeze when exposed to low temperatures, copper pipes are more susceptible to rupture as they freeze. Plastic and metal pipes tend to burst due to extremely high pressure during the cold season.

Ruptured pipes are dangerous in homes as they can easily lead to a torrent of water flowing in your home, causing damage. Therefore, it’s wise to call a plumbing service professional to check and insulate water pipes in the exterior walls, basement, outdoors, and attic before winter to lower the possibility of freezing and bursting pipe issues.

Property Damage

Another impact of the frozen pipes is property destruction due to water damage. When frozen pipes burst, they will direct water to the lowest part of your home, causing unimaginable issues that will require money and the skills of plumbing contractors to repair.

One of the issues you may easily notice is mold growth in your house because of dampness and moisture that promotes spores to grow. Bursting water pipes due to frozen pipes is an issue that requires urgent and quick mold removal services by a trained plumbing technician to clear the water damage within 24-48 hours to prevent molds.

Moreover, the wooden property and structures in your home are vulnerable to destruction because of the water leaking or pouring out of cracked frozen water lines. Water can make furniture and wooden properties in your home rot, hence the need for expensive repairs and replacements. So, water damage in a home is a nightmare as it can ruin property, electronics, and other personal belongings to an irreparable state.

Therefore, having an experienced plumbing service provider inspect and insulate the water pipes can prevent freezing issues during winter and prevent various water-related damages in your home. The plumber should also limit water running out of the pipes during repairs by shutting off the main water supply.

It is wise to ask your plumbing provider to show you where water shut-off valves are and how to operate them in case of an emergency, such as burst pipes, to avert water wastage when the pipes crack or burst. Shutting off the water will give you ample time to wait for the hired plumber and not to worry about floods, molds, or surging water bills.

Lack of Water

Households are prone to lack water due to frozen pipes ceasing the functioning of your showers, toilets, and faucets. Having no water in your house paralyzes all the hygienic practices in a home, including cooking, bathing, cleaning, and even using the toilet.

Water is an essential commodity in your home, and lack of it can make life uncomfortable. Once you realize the problem is not due to a water shortage in your tanks, it would be best to call your plumbing service technician for emergency services to restore the free flow of water in your plumbing systems.

The Public Works Agency in Evanston recommends checking if the entire house is without water or just some specific faucets. The plumbing service provider will use that information and advanced plumbing tools to skillfully determine the actual frozen parts of the plumbing pipes in your home.

Increased Water Bills

Homeowners can have skyrocketing water bills, another effect of frozen water pipes. The burst open or cracked water lines due to freezing water result in leakages or floods.

As the water leaks out of the pipes, the water meter is still run, making the bills go way up. If the pipes burst because of frozen water accumulated in them, and you fail to call a plumbing service provider in time for repairs, imagine the utility bills you will have from the running water.

To prevent the high water costs, you will need regular maintenance services of pipes before the winter season. The plumbing service experts will insulate and winterize the cold parts of your house to prevent the water pipes from freezing.

High Repair Costs

If the frozen pipes in your home crack or burst, causing an indoor flood, that is an issue that will be costly to fix. You might need to replace furniture, doors, and other wooden properties, which is expensive.

The plumbing service technicians also charge for mold removal, replacing the damaged pipes, and flood restoration services. It will be fortunate if you have insurance cover against water damage. They might also recommend installing water pipes deeper in the ground and building thicker insulated walls for your home in Texas to avert weather-related plumbing issues such as frozen pipes.

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Frozen water pipes may happen in most unheated areas of our home, including crawl spaces, garages, attics, basements, and exterior walls. The effects of the freezing pipes can be catastrophic and irreversible without on-time professional help.

So, if you live in Waxahachie, TX, do not hesitate to contact Bahama Plumbing to fix problems arising from frozen pipes. We are a family-owned and operated plumbing company with licensed and experienced plumbing service experts ready to meet all your plumbing needs.

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