Any homeowner prefers having a low water bill at the end of the month. However, various problems like leaks can lead to high monthly water utility bills. Knowing how much water your Midlothian, TX home uses and how it is used is vital. Did you know there are ways that a plumbing service can help you save some money on water bills? Caring for your plumbing system is among the best ways of conserving water and reducing water bills. You can save money by lowering your water utility bills using the tips below.

Install Water-Efficient Toilets

As per EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), flushing conventional toilets wastes more water than low-flow toilets that use less than 1. 3 gallons in every flush. Replacing your traditional toilet with a low flow toilet is among the best ways of minimizing water usage at your home. The other way of reducing water consumption or conserving water use is through installing dual flush toilets at your home. Dual flush toilets have 2 buttons that you can use for flushing; one flushes the solid wastes while the other flush the liquid wastes. This offers you more options and can help you save money on water bills each month.

Call a professional plumber to install dual flush or low-flow toilets at your commercial or residential property. At Bahama Plumbing, we can help you install these toilets and schedule a visit with you for regular maintenance visits to ensure your water bills are minimal. They will also inspect the plumbing to ensure no other underlying issues exist.

Fix Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets are another common cause of high water bills at the month. You might think your leaky faucets do not affect your monthly water bills or damage the plumbing since they are just drops. However, those drips may add up if you do not enlist a professional plumbing service to resolve the underlying issue.

A drop every second from a malfunctioning faucet could waste up to 2000 gallons of water per year. If you do nothing about it, this can also hike your monthly water bills. At Bahama Plumbing, we stress that homeowners shouldn’t take their plumbing systems and fixtures for granted, even if they think the issue isn’t a major emergency. At the same time, we advise against DIY plumbing works.

You could end up damaging your plumbing fixtures even more and ultimately need plumbing services from a reputable company. This means that you will pay more than you’d have if you called the plumber in the first instance. Call a plumber for quality repair or replacement services if your faucets are leaking. Maybe the problem is a damaged aerator or loose faucet. But regardless of what the problem is, you can rest assured that you will get the best and quality services from Bahama Plumbing.

Repairing the Underground Pipe Leaks

Your Midlothian, TX home has two plumbing systems; the drain or sewer system that washes the wastes away and the water line that brings water into your home. Are you getting high water utility bills but confident you have taken every measure to conserve water at your home? It might be time to call a professional plumbing service because the underground water pipes might be leaking. If the pipes are leaking underneath, gallons of water can be wasted per minute without your knowledge. However, there are several signs to look out for if you suspect an underground water leak in your home’s plumbing system. These include;

Have you noticed any of the signs above? If so, you need to call a professional plumbing service as soon as possible to help you resolve the problem. Ignoring this will only result in a major plumbing emergency and higher water bills.

Upgrade Your Dishwasher and Washing Machine

Although it may seem counterintuitive to upgrade your appliances, it may save you more water expenses in the longer term. Conventional or older washing machines and dishwashers aren’t as efficient as modern ones. Older dishwashers and washing machines aren’t as efficient as the newer models. Upgrading to and using the highly efficient WaterSense dishwashers and washing machines reduces water use by 33%, unlike when using the older models, meaning that you’ll get a lower water bill at the end of the month.

Enlisting the help of a plumbing service can help you choose a suitable washing machine. Since they’ve been dealing with these appliances, they can recommend quality Energy Star and WaterSense rated models. On average, an Energy Star dishwasher uses about 4-6 gallons of water while washing your dishes by hand might use up to 20 gallons for a similar amount of dishes. Better yet, the dishwasher saves you time.

Limit Your Showers

Of the total amount of water used at your home, 17% is used in your shower? Although having a long shower is good, it hurts your financial well-being. Long showers mean more water, translating to high monthly water bills. Fortunately, there is a better way of ensuring you can enjoy the water without wasting water; hiring a plumbing service to install low-flow showerheads.

A plumbing service can install a regulatable shower head in your bathroom and ensure you can control the amount of water coming from the showerhead. Investing in a water-efficient plumbing fixture reduces water consumption, meaning you will pay less in water bills every month.

Install Faucet Aerators

Have a professional plumber install a faucet aerator in your home or commercial property. The aerators limit the flow of water coming out of a faucet. Therefore, you save money on monthly water bills through water conservation. Trust Bahama Plumbing for professional plumbing and prevent post-installation issues.

Reliable Plumbing Services in Midlothian, TX

Are your water bills draining your pockets? It is time to call professional plumbers, and Bahama Plumbing is here to help if you are a resident of Midlothian, Texas. Our professional plumbing experts will recommend various ways that you can use to reduce water wastage, as seen above, ensuring that you have a good water bill at the end of the month. Call us today for any plumbing service in your commercial or residential property.

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