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Numerous plumbing issues in homes arise from hard water. Households in parts of the United States use hard water from wells and other groundwater systems. Hard water minerals cause problems that range from mild to severe that need prompt plumbing service technicians to analyze, diagnose and fix.

What Is Hard Water?

You might be familiar with the term “hard water,” which means high levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium minerals in the water. The hardness in water might also be due to other forms of multivalent cations that include barium, iron, zinc, manganese, aluminum, and strontium.

You should know that not all salts present in water make the water hard because others such as sodium and potassium can soften the water you use in your Midlothian, TX, residence. Fortunately, hard water does not pose health threats to you or the inhabitants around you but can shorten the lifespan of your plumbing system.

How To Tell Your Water Is Hard

There are various signs of water hardness that are easily noticeable by both you and plumbing service professionals. You might notice your hands retain a film or slimy feeling after washing with soap and water.

After washing your utensils, you will realize the glasses are not as clear as crystals, and the dishes will have scaly residue because of the soap scum that is difficult to wash out. That will trigger a dissatisfying feeling of unclean glasses or utensils.

Economically, you will spend a lot on soap, depending on the hardness of the water. The showerhead in your bathroom will show signs of white flaky accumulation, and the spray nozzles might be clogged or spraying abnormally, which will need the expertise of plumbing service experts. The indicators of hard water will also be evident on your clothes because of the discoloration and increased wear and tears.

Also, your bathtub, sinks, and showerheads will have calcium stains that might cost you a lot to get a plumbing provider to clean them during regular maintenance services. Lastly, the minerals in hard water might make it difficult to rinse out soap from your hair and skin, which is frustrating. So, if you have hard water in your home, get a licensed and experienced plumbing service expert to install water softeners that use cation exchange resins to significantly reduce the amount of calcium and magnesium at the point of use.

Impact of Hard Water on the Plumbing System

Yellow or White Build-up

The calcium in hard water can be dangerous to your plumbing fixtures and faucets. It causes flaky stains in sinks, taps, and showerheads that can be difficult to remove. The build-up arising from the calcium makes your plumbing fixtures and faucets unattractive.

Your sinks, tubs, showerheads, and other faucets always look dirty after cleaning them daily because of the minerals. Hiring plumbing service providers to use their state-of-the-art equipment and resources to clean the bathroom and kitchen fixtures, fittings, and faucets is best to restore the beauty of your bathroom and the glow in your kitchen.

Clogged Water Pipes

Failure to enroll in a maintenance program in a plumbing company in Midlothian, TX, for regular cleaning of your water lines leads to blockage. The calcium minerals in the hard water accumulate inside the pipes over time, causing a clog that will hinder the free flow of water to your house.

If the clog forms at the point of water entry from the municipality to your home, you will notice low water pressure in your bathroom, kitchen, yard, and laundry area, which might not strike you as a big issue at first. Without the help of a plumbing service technician to clear the clog, the accumulated minerals will completely stop any water from flowing to your house.

No one can survive without water because of health and sanitary needs. When you notice you have no water and the municipality confirms there is no water shortage, you will need an emergency plumbing expert to find the root cause of the problem.

Burst Pipes

When the minerals in hard water cause a clog that stops water from penetrating through, one side of the pipe will still have water stuck at one point, leading to leakage as the water looks for a way through.

Failure to notice the problem early and hire a plumbing service professional will leave you with burst pipes that will compel you to call for immediate help to prevent indoor and outdoor floods, depending on the location of the burst water line.

There is no other solution to cracked pipes but replacing them with advanced types in the market. Since it is not a problem that is easy to pinpoint, routine maintenance and cleaning of the pipes to remove calcium is the best investment for your plumbing system.

Rusting Pipes and Appliances

Even though hard water will not harm your health, it can make water pipes, drains, and water heaters rust. The corroded water lines and plumbing fixtures cause additional plumbing issues, such as leaks that can promote mold growth in your basement, bathroom, or kitchen.

The corroding pipes can also crack, leading to indoor floods and water damage that will destroy your property and valuables. It might take time to notice the rusting pipes and water appliances.

Once you see colored water from your faucets, it is evidence of corroding water lines. You should reach out to a plumbing service contractor in time to prevent water damages, leaks, and floods.

Water Softeners

Luckily, the problems are preventable with the help of plumbing service providers. The professional will install water softeners in your home to remove the hardness-causing minerals from your water. Some water softeners include ion exchange, salt-free solution, polyphosphate, and electronic water conditioners. You can also request corrosion-free water and drainage pipes for your home to prevent rusting because of calcium and magnesium minerals.

Want Professional Help!

It is indisputable that hard water can cause numerous plumbing issues in your residence, including rusting and bursting pipes, clogs, and leaks. If you have plumbing issues due to the hardness of water, you should reach out to Bahama Plumbing in Midlothian, TX.

We are a family-owned and operated plumbing service company staffed with professional plumbers that provide honest and efficient services. Our staff is available to protect you and your family from plumbing-related safety and health issues.

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