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It can be stressful to adapt to our changing environment, especially the issue of limited water supplies. At Bahama Plumbing, our plumbing service has some great ideas for our Midlothian, TX customers to help them save water, reduce their water bills, and enjoy life at the same time. It’s a positive step you can take in your home that makes a big difference in the world as well. The EPA has published estimated water waste figures for our country that include 900 billion gallons lost annually just through leaks, and even just turning off the tap while you brush your teeth and shave can cut 5,700 gallons off your family’s water use in the coming year. It turns out that many new plumbing fixtures can help you effectively cut your water use simply by their advanced technology or design features, giving you another reason to go ahead and have our plumbing service make those upgrades or remodeling you’ve been thinking about.

A Word About Pipe Leaks

In addition to these great upgrades to your bathroom, kitchen, and other water use areas, it’s important to think about leaking pipes which can cost even more in damage to your home than they do on your annual water bill. Slab leaks can damage your foundation, while pipe leaks in your walls can create moist habitats for creatures and insects, mold, and mildew while also damaging your structure and even your wiring. Who knew that a leaky pipe could create a fire hazard? Corroded wiring is the reason why. If you have leaks in your walls, you may also have older pipes that are nearing the end of their service life and likely to leak in multiple locations. Our plumbing service can perform plumbing inspections and use our advanced leak detection and video inspection gear to identify problems even if they’re not visible and haven’t yet shown themselves through damp spots or decaying wall material.

And a Word About Simple Bathroom Repairs

Another non-upgrade plumbing service that can make a big difference for you is simple faucet repairs and toilet flapper valve replacement, which in many homes can cut water use significantly, and even reduce energy waste because of hot water leaks. Faucet leaks are usually visible or you may even hear the drip drip drip sound from another room, and sometimes a stain in the sink will indicate that there’s been water dripping and leaving residue. Flapper valves show as water constantly flowing into the bowl when it’s unused, and the sighing sound of additional water flowing into the tank to replace the leaking water. Our plumbing professionals can take care of these as a way of cutting items off of your to-do list, or as part of a general plumbing inspection, shutoff valve repair or installation work, or other plumbing services.

On to Cool Bathroom Updates

If cutting your water flow rate by itself is leaving you with less rinse water for your morning showers, we need to talk. There are newer showerheads that provide better coverage and jet action using reduced amounts of water that can get you out the door faster in the morning with a quick rinse and generally improve your shower experience. Our plumbing service can help with anything from a showerhead replacement to upgrades such as a euro-style handheld shower spray, infinity drain, tub drain cleaning, and overall remodeling. If you have a big family, just upgrading your bathrooms can make a big difference in your home’s monthly budget based on water use reduction. Your toilet is another big deal, with EPA estimates of 13,000 gallons per year saved for a typical family just by replacing older models with new WaterSense labeled toilets. New toilets offer technology solutions as well, including jet-style flush mechanisms that blast a reduced amount of water so it’s more effective, and multiple-choice flush mechanisms that let you choose the right amount of water for the current situation. Caught by surprise during recent bathroom paper shortages? Add-on bidet units have been selling well, and they also provide benefits in keeping your drains clear from paper and flushable wipe waste.

Silence in the Kitchen

New dishwasher models offer many water-saving features, and while it’s still wise to run a full load when you can, they allow you to adjust the operation to do the best cleaning with the least resources each time, whether it’s a holiday meal or a simple supper. They also offer significant noise reduction on some models, which can make your kitchen a quiet refuge once again, even when a load of dishes is running. Our plumbing service can install one of these new water and energy saving dishwashers, ensuring that all your connections are in place. This includes garbage disposal based dishwasher drain paths. If you’re doing a lot of dishes in the sink these days, you’re probably letting the water run while you wash and rinse, and there’s another water waste meter ticking along that a new faucet installed by our plumbing service can help reduce. Commercial-quality detachable spray-style faucets can help you target your water use and get a better job done as well, and touchless faucet controls handle the savings for you by turning on the flow when you hold a dish up to rinse, and shutting it off when you’re scrubbing. For smart home enthusiasts, a voice-operated faucet is also an option, which could take some getting used to but can be a big help in the kitchen, letting you multitask to the point where you can tell some of them to fill a pot with a quart of water, and get on with your other tasks.

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At Bahama Plumbing, we know ways that we can help you save water in Midlothian, TX and enjoy life more at the same time. Call us.

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