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When you’re in need of work with your pipes you may be wondering what a local plumbing service can offer. There are many things that they may offer and we’ll go over a bunch of them today. Midlothian, TX is home to unique homes new and old, big and small, and knowing what types of services you have available when you make a call will be important to ensure that the technicians that come out are ready to get the job done quickly.

Water, Water Everywhere?

First we’ll look at what is coming into the home, your water supply. When you call for plumbing service there are many things that can go wrong or that you may just want to improve. The first thing we’ll go over is full or partial house plumbing replacement. This may seem drastic to start with, but if your house has any lead pipes, or you’re looking to expand or contract water service lines in your house like changing a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry system this will be part of the cost associated with the project. You’ll want to look at what kind of pipes you want to use and the contractor you call can guide you through what may be right for you. For example galvanized pipes are not recommended for water lines, but older homes may have them still. You also can’t use standard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes for hot water because of the limitations of that kind of plastic.

Shrinking down the scope of a project you may be looking at replacing or upgrading your water heater and calling for plumbing service for this type of project will be needed. The contractor you get ahold of can get you estimates for a swap or an upgrade for both the new water heater and estimated labor. Whether you go with a traditional tank, a heat pump system (which can be really energy efficient in the hot Midlothian, TX summers), a tankless water heater to save space, or by tying into a solar panel array.

If you have a leak in your home coming from a pipe, a faucet, or a toilet, calling for plumber will allow you to get the issue fixed correctly, quickly, and long term. A small leak is nothing to just ignore as it can lead to damage in your walls and increased water usage bills. It doesn’t take long for water costs to go up substantially from a leak. Leaks in your line can also come from outside the home. While you may not be charged for this water use directly as the water in this case likely won’t hit your meter it could lead to more contaminates getting into your water. The water coming into your home shouldn’t be contaminated with whatever is buried in your lawn and your lawn can become waterlogged and have a sinkhole created from the excess water being added and drained from underground.

What about if your water pressure is low or variable? Calling for plumbing service would allow an expert who is trained to find out what the issue is, whether it’s because your feed line is constricted or just too small for your houses needs, or that your plumbing system is inefficient. If they determine it is because of your municipality or that your municipality puts out a warning for low water pressure many services will be able to do water testing to ensure that contaminants that can occur from low water pressure have been cleared out of your households water system.

From The Sewer

When you’re looking to call for plumbing service about the waste leaving your home it can be a very smelly experience. The most likely reason you’ll give them a call is when you have a clog or slow drains. Professional plumbers can do much more to get the clogs out of your lines that you can from a drain solution or home snake. A slow drain however may not be because of debris or anything you did but could be because of roots in your drain lines or your drain lines are failing. Only a professional plumbing service would be able to definitively tell you what the issue is.

Another thing that these services can do for you is to do replacement or resets. Over time as your house and the infrastructure from the municipality settles it can sink causing the draining force from gravity to not be strong enough to send all your sewage waste into the disposal line on the street. This will require a sewer trap replacement but will be worth it in the end. If your sewer line fails completely however you’ll be forced to do something more drastic, which would mean something like digging up your sewer system and replacing the lines underground. This is not a job people want to think of but doing it sooner rather than later can stop damage from impacting the rest of your hooked up water appliances like a dishwasher or clothes washing machine.

Don’t Forget The Gas

Did you know that plumbing services also work on natural gas lines? It’s actually a requirement for training for getting licensed as a plumber in Texas and is something people aren’t usually aware of. If you have a natural gas line into your house and you need to get the lines reset, repaired, or replaced you may want to consider a plumber for that project.

When it’s time to make a call for one of these or other plumbing services you should give the experts at Bahama Plumbing a call. Based in Waxahachie they service the area without hesitation and will do everything from the slow leaks and inspections to full home plumbing jobs to get you back to a normal for you. Bahama Plumbing has over 40 years of combined experience, and are family owned and operated. They offer a guarantee on repairs and can be contacted any time of day.

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