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Common Water Line Issues | Insights from Your Trusted Water Line Repair Experts in Midlothian, TX

In Midlothian, TX, most home plumbing comprises two central systems: the drain-waste system and the water supply system. The water line is the primary pipe that brings treated water from the public water supply to your home, often via multiple water lines branching off the mainline to service various appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers, as well as bathroom fittings. If you need water line repair, a part of this crucial water supply system is damaged. Without repair, you may find that:

  • Energy bills increase

  • Mold develops

  • Water damages your property

  • Water quality becomes compromised

  • Water is wasted

  • Pipes may leak or fully burst

It's for these, sometimes catastrophic, reasons that water lines should be investigated when there is a drop in water quality, loss of water pressure, and increased energy bills are experienced without an apparent cause.

Major Signs Your Water Line Needs Repair

Over time, holes or cracks may naturally develop in water mains due to soil or frost corrosion. In other cases, roots that expand as trees age on your property can put adverse pressure on underground pipes causing damage. When lines are under extreme pressure, one negative side effect may be that you'll notice that water has made its way to surface level on the street, flooded your yard, or pooled in your basement.

Rusty, unpleasant-smelling, dirty water can signal a water line leak. Underground water line breakage can lead to soil, dirt, and other contaminants filtering into your previously safe treated water supply. You may notice that your water is developing a reddish tint, indicating that severe corrosion is happening somewhere along the pipeline.

Prevalent low water pressure is another water line repair indicator. If you've noticed low water pressure developing across multiple fixtures, then it's likely water is escaping before entering your home, leading to less available water and low pressure all-round. Low water pressure from just one fixture indicates an isolated fixture issue; however, more widespread problems are often linked to broken water lines.

Floors, ceilings, and walls develop damp patches. Bubbling paint, plaster, or wallpaper can signify water damage from hidden leaks. If the leak is coming from the water line feeding into your basement, for instance, you may see water leaking upwards from the floor or basement walls. If you notice this, turning off the water line's shutoff valve will prevent the issue from worsening while you wait for a plumber to fix this severe issue.

Pooling water in the yard that isn't always caused by heavy rain. Despite Midlothian, TX sometimes experiencing heavy rainfall, especially in cooler months, pooling water can also be caused by an issue that requires water line repair. You might notice that wet patches in the yard that you thought resulted from the recent rainfall have persisted long after they should, and such puddles can indicate underground leakage.

You've seen an energy bill spike. Sometimes, energy bill increases can be caused by adding new appliances to the home or cost increases made by the water company. However, you'll often see an unexplained rise in costs if a water line has broken since extra water will be used. Lower water pressure and lower water volume exiting your faucets will lead to the faucets needing to be open for longer to get a usable amount and more water leaking from the main water line. Leak detection equipment will need to isolate the cause, and a professional plumber will likely need to repair the line to return your energy bill costs to normal levels.

Potholes or sinkholes develop. One of the more severe symptoms of water line issues is the development of potholes or sinkholes on your property or nearby roads and sidewalks. If your water line runs under your driveway, for example, an underground leak will eventually compromise the surface concrete's integrity and could damage your vehicles. Soil surrounding water lines can also become unstable and saturated, leading to potholes forming once the ground has weakened.

You hear constant water running. Sometimes, hidden leaks can be close enough and loud enough that you can listen to the water escaping. Noises can range from running water sounds to constant dripping. It's particularly telling if your water-using appliances or faucets, showers, etc., are not in use when you hear these sounds.

Repairing Damaged Water Lines

It is recommended that water line repair or replacement is completed by a professional. Amateur water line replacement can accidentally damage underground utility lines, and you may not have the proper knowledge and protection from dangers such as electrocution. Incorrectly repaired water lines can also be more expensive to fix than the original request, so it's often better to spend the initial outlay asking a professional to safely, efficiently deal with the issue.

In some cases, water line repair is not a feasible solution, and water line replacement may be recommended. Waterline replacement is often the right option if your property and water line piping is more than 50 years old, and if water line issues have persisted over several months or years. In these scenarios, trenchless technology can be used to replace a persistently damaged water main without upending your entire property.

Why Choose Bahama Plumbing For Water Line Repair in Midlothian, TX?

When there are leaks in the main water line, and you need water line repair, a delay could mean that you're ingesting water that has been contaminated. With a broken water line, you'll also need to stop using home appliances, such as washers. Plumbers at Bahama Plumbing understand this and offer emergency water line repair services to make sure you're not exposing yourself, your family, or property to unnecessary risks.

Bahama Plumbing is a family-owned and operated company near Midlothian, TX, with more than 40 years of combined residential and commercial water line repair experience. Plumbers are insured, bonded, and guarantee repairs. Bahama Plumbing's goal is to treat customers like family, providing efficient, honest services to all who need plumbing repairs and protection from the risks associated with broken water lines. As the cause of water line leaks isn't always easy to diagnose, call a professional if your property is experiencing any of the above symptoms.

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