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How To Avoid Water Line Repair Plumbing Problems When Washing Your Dog | Midlothian, TX

Many homeowners own a dog, and nowadays, dogs are often pampered more than they've ever been in the past. Our furry friends are usually considered to be an important part of the family. As a dog owner, you'll likely want to help keep your pet clean by regularly washing and grooming them. But have you ever considered what bathing your dog is doing to your plumbing system? It may actually increase the chance that you'll need water line repair.

Washing your dog at home can cause drains to become blocked very quickly. If hairs are allowed to get into the drains, from human and pet hairs, it can form a matted mess that will block your pipes. You'll then need to call a plumber for water line repair. Many breeds of dogs regularly shed their fur, and pets with long coats can cause plumbing problems. Even short-haired dogs can add to the general mess of hair, fur, grime, and soap that's being put down the drains.

If you live in Midlothian, TX, or the surrounding area and are looking for a plumber to unblock a drain, carry out repair or leak detection, or work on any other plumbing issue, contact Bahama Plumbing.

This article will give you some tips to help you keep your pet looking clean and healthy while at the same time helping to reduce the likelihood of creating a blockage in your plumbing system which will require water line repair.

Brush Your Dog Regularly

To help keep your dog's coat in good condition and reduce the number of hairs that will end up in the drain when washing, grooming your dog regularly. This is a great way to bond with your pet, as many dogs find it relaxing being groomed. Grooming your dog weekly will remove loose hairs and help to protect your plumbing system.

There are many different types of specialized combs and brushes on the market, which allow you to remove loose hairs and groom your dog's undercoat. This will reduce the amount of shedding and help keep your pet's coat look lush and healthy. Regular grooming and clipping of the coat can help to minimize hair loss in your home.

It's also a good idea to brush your dog before you put your pet in the bath or shower. This will help to remove loose hair and stop them from going down the drain. Brushing before you wash your pet will also help to remove any debris such as mud or dirt that's likely to go down the drain.

You may like to consider washing your pet outside under a hosepipe during the summer months. This will allow you to water your lawn while bathing your dog and will mean the hair isn't going down the drain. It's also a great way to cool your pet down in hot weather. Don't put shampoo that contains chemicals on your lawn, or you may end up killing the grass.

Protect Your Drain

However, much you groom your dog, there will always be some hairs that get loose and go down the drain. The best thing to do is invest in a drain guard, as this will mean that the loose hairs won't end up in your pipes. A drain guard will protect the drain, stopping human and pet hair and other debris from entering your plumbing system.

Some breeds of dogs have very fine hair, which might be able to slip through a drain cover or hair trap. If this is the case with your dog's fur, lay a baby wipe over the plug hole and push the drain cover or stopper over it to hold it in place. This will allow you to fill up the bathtub and wash your pet as normal. When you want to empty, the bathtub holds the wipe in place with your hand and removes the stopper. The water will drain away, and the fur and debris will be collected on the wipe.

Use Natural Dog Shampoo

Using a natural dog shampoo in small amounts will help keep your dog clean and protect your drains. Sometimes liquid soaps and shampoos can solidify in the pipes, causing a blockage. Natural products are always best, and these can be used sparingly to reduce the likelihood of a clog forming, which would require water line repair.

Clean Your Bathtub

After washing your dog, carefully clean your bathtub to avoid letting hair go down the drain. This will help you avoid a clog. Don't wash the hair off the sides of the bathtub as they will end up in the drain. Instead, wipe the bath using kitchen paper or a wet wipe to collect the remaining fur. After the hair has been removed, you can wipe down or clean the bathtub as you usually would.

It may take a bit more time and effort to avoid letting dog hairs go down the drain, but it will be worth it in the long run. Preventing pet hair from being washed away will reduce the likelihood of a major blockage. When a blockage occurs, it can cause a backup in your pipes. You'll then require a plumber for water line repair.

Avoid Putting These Items Down Your Drain

As well as pet fur and human hair, drains can become blocked by soap particles and personal hygiene items such as q-tips, which have managed to get into the drains. Don't put oil or grease into your kitchen sink as this could also block the drains, and avoid letting food scraps go into the sink unless you have a garbage disposal system.

Never flush anything other than human waste and toilet roll down your toilet. This includes sanitary products, plasters, condoms, or pet poo. If a blockage occurs call a plumber for water line repair.

Bahama Plumbing, Water Line Repair

If you live in Midlothian, TX, or the surrounding area and are looking for a plumber to unblock a drain, carry out water line repair or leak detection, or work on any other plumbing issue, contact Bahama Plumbing. The company has been screened and approved by Home Advisor and offers a 24/7 emergency call out and can be contacted on (817) 908-8781 for water line repair.

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