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High water bills are just part of the problem when you need water line repairs because of leaks or pipe damage. If your water bills do rise with no explanation from your family’s water usage, it’s time to call Bahama Plumbing for service in Midlothian, TX to locate the cause of the problem. We have a large collection of techniques for leak detection and water line repair that can address the problem. You may save yourself damage to your home from the water behind the walls, or even damage to your foundation from water gathering underneath and putting pressure on it. You can also call us for help in preventing water line leaks, take some precautions of your own to avoid damage to your pipes that can lead to major plumbing problems.

Tread Carefully in Your Yard Where Your Water Line Crosses

Landscaping operations and other heavy machinery that crosses your yard can put pressure on the soil that damages your water line many feet below. It’s important to know where your water line transits your property, and make sure that any contractors or landscapers know as well, and detour around that area. Marking it off with flags or surveyors’ spray paint can help. Of course, actually digging in that area is especially risky, and should be done by professionals who know how to avoid your water line. While there are modern techniques that help simplify water line repair in the ground, it’s still a major problem and if your pipes are old, could require a total replacement just because the line was nicked. If you see a particularly rich growth of grass or landscaping plants above your water line, the damage may have already been done, and our water line repair team can investigate and take any necessary action to fix it.

Trees Can Slowly Damage Your Water Line or Sewer Line

The growth of tree roots over the years can travel far across your yard and put powerful pressure against any obstacles they encounter along the way. It’s not uncommon to discover a tree intrusion in the sewer line of an older home with mature trees, but root growth can also cause water supply line damage and require water line repair simply because, season to season, the roots pressed against the pipe until it cracked. You may not discover the problem until a leak has been present for years, only realizing the damage when enough water is spilling out to be noticed on the surface, or when your home’s water pressure starts to drop significantly due to the break in the line.

Your Pressure Reduction Valve, If Present, Can Make It Seem Like You Need a Water Line Repair

Every few years, the pressure reduction valve in homes that have high incoming water pressure needs to be serviced. There are parts inside that degrade over time, and when they do, they can create symptoms in your home’s water pressure that can raise the concern that your water supply is failing. Fortunately, in some cases, it’s just the defective valve producing lower pressure than it should, or even variable pressure, and a simple repair might do the trick. That’s a great reason to call for our plumbers to check your home’s water pressure and see what’s going on.

Inside the House: Where Water Leaks Do the Most Damage

Water leaking from your home’s pipes can do all sorts of damage to building materials, electrical wires, and fixtures, and carefully finished floors and ceilings. It can also remain undetected in the walls for some time, allow the growth of mold and mildew which present health hazards, and provide a viable home for vermin and insects that need water near their nests. Water leaks in the home, like ones underground, often go undetected for a long time as they drip slowly, and when damp spots do appear, it may be far from the origin. Hunting for water leaks at one time involved extensive cutting into walls, but now there are more tools available that can detect problems using the pipe itself, rather than damaging cuts and inspection. While many people benefit from these sonic, thermal, and video inspection tools when they realize that they have a leak, some homeowners are now scheduling periodic inspections of the condition of their plumbing that includes scanning the pipes with modern technology to detect signs and sounds of leaks long before they’re obvious.

Pipe Inspections and Water Line Repair Prevention

As your local plumber, we know area building practices and what kinds of piping were used for different types of homes here. When we perform pipe inspections, that gives us an edge in looking for corroded metal pipes, decaying plastic ones, or other likely sources of age-related pipe damage. In some cases, we may also notice that construction in your home was performed near where pipes typically run and can help make sure that the pipes aren’t in contact with other building materials and slowly wear or corrode over time. By catching the likely sources of eventual water line repair problems, we can help you stay on top of your pipes rather than catching up with leaks and the damage they can cause. Since general pipe issues can produce ongoing leak problems in various areas, we may also provide information on repiping, the process of replacing existing pipes that are getting past their lifetime, and renewing your home’s pressurized water lines so you don’t have to wonder when trouble might strike.

Your Midlothian, TX Expert Water Line Repair Team

At Bahama Plumbing serving Midlothian, TX, we practice preventive plumbing as well as making plumbing repairs. This plumbing wisdom helps our customers to reduce the effect of plumbing problems and even avoid them and gives us insight into plumbing repair strategies. It’s one of the many benefits of an experienced, skilled team of plumbers. We look forward to serving you, so give us a call.

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