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In the event of a slab leak, we suggest rerouting/repiping the home overhead in the attic. We would locate the leaking pipe by finding point a and point b; then rerouting the line overhead. We suggest repiping as a preventative measure if you want to be proactive, or if you have had more than one slab leak repaired in the past. 

The reason rerouting is more efficient is that, if we were to just locate and repair the leaking pipe in the slab, we could only guarantee that repair. We would pull up your flooring and jackhammer. Doing this will cause a need for your flooring (wood, tile, carpet, etc.) to be replaced. The only physical damage with reroutes [under normal circumstances] is sheetrock. A reroute will eliminate the line. If it is only repaired and left in the slab, then there is a large possibility that another slab leak will develop on the same line in another location inside the home.

Additionally, the new piping is not corrosive, and should it freeze during extremely cold temperatures, it will expand and contract to its original size.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our office if you ever need to repipe or reroute your home in or near Waxahachie, TX. Call 817-908-8781. Bahama Plumbing offers incredible service and unbeatable prices on repipes/reroutes.

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