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A household in the US uses about 300 gallons of water each day. Your home needs water for various reasons, including cooking, cleaning, personal grooming, toilet usage, and drinking. The water is made available to homes courtesy of the precise installation of plumbing fixtures and fittings such as faucets and pipes by experienced plumbing service providers. The plumbers in Midlothian, TX, also install corporation, meter, and meter stops in your home to control and regulate the water pressure, providing sufficient water to meet all your daily water use needs. The minimum water pressure for a home’s plumbing system should be around 40 pounds per square inch (PSI). However, you might face pressure defects that could lead to the slow flow of water through the faucets. The slow flow is an indicator the water pressure has fallen below the minimal level of 40 PSI. Therefore, the reduced pressure can make showering, dish washing, and laundry inconvenient for you and your family. It can also make flushing the toilet time-consuming since it will take a while to fill the tank before you can flush. Mentioned are some causes of low water pressure in your household.

Failing Pressure Regulator

A water pressure regulator, usually installed by a plumbing expert, helps to keep the water pressure constant. The plumbing valve lowers the pressure of the water from the main water line to ensure it flows at a safe level to the plumbing fixtures and faucets. Lowering water pressure averts problems, including snapped pipe joints, faucets leakages, and bursting or cracking of pipes caused by high water pressure. Therefore, when your taps have water with low pressure, talking to a plumbing provider is the wisest decision to make. The plumber will investigate the pressure regulator using a water pressure gauge to troubleshoot the problem. Some reasons for a malfunctioning pressure regulator valve are:

1. Blocked Valves

The regulator could be experiencing a blockage due to the buildup of minerals from the water flowing from the main municipal water line. The accumulated mineral deposits cause the valve to restrict water flow with lower water pressure. To fix the problem, the experienced plumbing service technician in Midlothian, TX, will skillfully disassemble the regulator and clean out the built-up deposits to help restore the water pressure to its original level.

2. Faulty Heat-Resistant Diaphragm

Another reason for a failing pressure regulator valve might be a damaged heat-resistant diaphragm. Residential water systems utilize direct-acting valves that have a heat-resisting diaphragm connected to a spring. High water pressure makes the diaphragm valve close tightly, while low pressure makes it relax. As the regulator becomes old, the diaphragm mechanism might degrade and afterward make the pressure regulator faulty. The regulator becomes less responsive to the high and low pressures of water. The old regulator valve is prone to make the water pressure very low at a lower PSI, affecting the level of water supply to your showers, bathtubs, sinks, and toilet tanks. Plumbing professionals equipped with the necessary equipment can use their extensive experience to replace the failed valves to eliminate the low water pressure problem.

3. Wrong Pressure Settings

The plumber can also inspect for any chances of incorrect pressure settings in the valves. It is an easier problem to fix as it only requires the plumbing service contractor to set the water pressure to an optimal level, allowing a sufficient supply of water at the required force.

Clogged Pipes

Pipes are among the most vital components of the plumbing system because they supply water from the main water lines to your residential property for use. There are various plumbing pipes, including metal, plastic, PVC, rigid copper, and galvanized, which can be installed by skilled technicians in your home for water supply purposes. The pipes should be able to handle high water pressures. Since plumbing technicians install the pipes underground to ensure the pipes withstand internal and external environmental aspects such as cold, heat, bacteria, corrosion, and changes in PH.

Clogged pipes cause a variety of plumbing issues, including leakages and reduced water pressure. You should contact your plumbing expert to fix the problem immediately after you notice the low water pressure in your bathroom or kitchen faucets. The technician will use state-of-the-art equipment and tools to identify the clogged pipes beneath your house and clear it to restore the water pressure to its original capacity.

A Halfway-Opened Main House Shutoff Valve

Plumbing service contractors set up the main house shutoff valve either outside your house or in the basement. The valve allows water to flow through the installed pipes to your entire home. When turned off, the whole building or residence will not have water. The shutoff valve might also be the reason behind the low water pressure in your home.

If the plumbing service experts had turned it off to prevent indoor floods due to clogged sinks or drains, the issue might be that they did not turn the valve to the end to open it after fixing the problem. Opening the main house shutoff valve halfway will reduce the pressure of water flowing into your home. The plumbing service contractor should ensure the valve is fully open for sufficient and adequate water pressure.

Corroded or Leaking Pipes

Another cause of low water pressure in your house could be leaking or corroded pipes. The corrosion will depend on the type of pipe material used. Brass pipes can last up to 70 years, while galvanized steel can start corroding as early as 20 years after plumbing service technicians conduct the installation. So, if you live in an old house, you might experience low water pressure due to rusting pipes. Overworking these pipes by adding a new bathroom, installing, or other plumbing fixtures will speed up the corroding process, leading to cracks that make water start leaking.

Pipe leakages misdirect water to an unintended place, limiting the water flow pressure inside your home’s plumbing system. Corroded pipes are prone to cracks or bursts. If the damage is sizable, the water flowing in a different direction will significantly reduce the water pressure in your fixtures and faucets. It is a problem that requires the immediate attention of a plumbing service expert to prevent floods and lack of water flowing into your home. Fixing the problem faster will also avert contamination of clean water. The technician can use PVC pipes to replace the corroded pipes.

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