Do you notice water spots on your dishes or shower glass? Hard water spots on your shower heads and/or faucets? Did you know that the water coming into your home has more chlorine in it than a swimming pool does? When you have that much chlorine, it is harmful to your skin and can cause dry skin and irritations to the skin due to the amount of chlorine in the water system. Also, worth noting is that the water quality can also fade your clothes.

When a faucet starts dripping or a toilet starts running, it is potentially due to the hard water and chlorine eating away at the rubber parts of your faucet or toilet. When a plumbing appliance, such as a water heater, dish washer, etc. goes out, it can be due to the water quality as well.

Bahama Plumbing can provide you with options for you to stop the hard water spots and the harmful amounts of chlorine entering your home. We now offer a water treatment solution. Installing a water treatment solution saves you money on costly plumbing repairs and/or appliances in your home. It also can save you money on soaps and lotions. Even some homeowners save money on medications because they no longer have skin issues.

From a salt free water conditioner, which is more of a solution for scale build up, that will also remove existing build up and increase flow and efficiency. We also offer a filter which reduces and, in some cases, removes the chlorine and associated disinfectant by-products. Both options can be installed to get rid of scale and chlorine.

If you are ready for better water quality, better tasting water and to save money, please give us a call at [hls_phone_number].

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