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When most people think of a plumbing company they think of pipes and leaky faucets, and while it is true that a plumber can help with issues with either, they can do a lot more as well. Trained and certified plumbers actually can help with many areas of the home including everything from your gas stove to your garbage disposal and a flooded basement due to a main sewer clog. Curious about who you should call for a household issue? Here is a list of tasks that should be handled by a plumbing professional. You probably know some of them, but there’s a good chance you will be caught off-guard by a few of these.

Sump Pump

Are you having issues with flooding in your basement, garage, or ground floor of your home? If water is piling up in front of or behind your home and slowly breaking through you may need a sump pump to help divert the water flower. A sump pump is a device that pulls the water towards it and then redirects it away from your home and out to the sewer or another low-lying area of your property. A plumbing company is who you will need to call if you need to have a sump pump installed, and they will also be who you need to call when it comes time to replace or repair it.

Water Heater Inspection and Repair

Your water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home. It is tasked with the job of creating hot water for your home, and it is the responsibility of your local plumbing company to maintain it. Of course, you need to contact them in order for this to happen. Most people do not realize just how important regular water heater service is. With annual maintenance, your water heater will run much more efficiently saving you money while delivering more dependable hot water. In addition, regular maintenance can extend the life of your water heater which will save you a great deal of money down the line.

Garbage Disposal Issues

Does your garbage disposal seem to get clogged frequently, or perhaps the sink in your kitchen with the garbage disposal isn’t draining right? Believe it or not, garbage disposals are a frequent issue for many homeowners. Part of the reason is that they aren’t meant to handle all kitchen wastes as many people assume. While it may seem like you should be able to toss anything down the disposal, doing so only guarantees that you will need a plumbing company.

The truth is that there are a lot of things that should not go down your kitchen garbage disposal including eggshells, potato skins, noodles, rice, or anything porous or fibrous. The problem is that these items expand in your pipes leading to a clog that leaves you with no other choice but to call a plumbing professional.

Clogged Drains

You probably know this one, but just in case you don’t, clogged drains are a major reason why you need a plumbing company in Waxahachie, TX. There are drain service companies that exclusively handle drains, but usually, when you have a clog it is better to call a dedicated plumber because they can get to the bottom of the issue and troubleshoot any issues that might occur along the way.

Plus, it always helps to have a plumber there in case you run into any other plumbing issues that a simple drain cleaning service will overlook. There are dozens of reasons why a clog may form, and you need more than just someone who will bust the clog up. You need someone who can figure out why the clog formed so that you can stop it from happening again which is why a professional plumbing company will serve you better in the long run.

Issues with the Main Water Line

Wake up or come home to find that your home has absolutely no water? In this case, there is an obvious issue with the main water line. The one thing you will want to do however is to call your neighbors. There is always a small chance that they don’t have water either. If this is the case then the problem is with your water supplier, but if everyone has a problem but your home then there is a much bigger problem brewing.

At this point, you need to call a professional plumbing company that can come out and assess your property. They will likely start with the main water line and look for signs that it is leaking or busted. They usually have small telescopic cameras that they can thread through the line and then once they diagnose an issue get to work on repairing it.

Main Sewer Line Clog

On the other hand, you may have the opposite problem and find yourself in a situation where your wastewater is not able to leave your home. Instead, it may be bubbling up out of your floor drain or other first-floor drains and fixtures. If this is the case you either have a main sewer line clog or an issue with your septic tank depending on which you depend on. This is a particularly noxious situation usually and one that cannot wait since you will lose all access to your water until it is repaired.

It is also just one more situation that requires a plumbing company from Waxahachie, TX to properly resolve. If you are experiencing this or any other of the issues listed above you should give Bahama Plumbing of Waxahachie, TX a call. We have been helping out your neighbors for years and would be happy to become your first primary plumbing company as well.

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